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SFA Spacepower Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Tuesday, December 12, 2023
  • 9:00 AM
  • Wednesday, December 13, 2023
  • 4:30 PM
  • Orlando, FL


  • The highest level of partnership and access. Partner with Space Force Leaders, policymakers, industry, and technologists.
    Sponsorship may include:
    - Speaker keynote & Live Stage Recognition.
    - Custom size booth.
    - Private breakout training and meeting room slots.
    - Up to 10 invitations to a Private VIP Reception, 10 tickets to Special Evening Event, 20 guest tickets to the 2-day expo and other access.
    - Digital inclusion on all electronic promotional outlets and press releases.
    - Invite to Press and Media session and coverage opportunities.
    - Inclusion in all pre-event promotion (social media, press releases, website, mailings).
    - Company Name or logo on all printed and digital materials and signage: minimum of 6
    Banners Welcome Banner, Exit Banner, Exhibit Hall Banner, and Lounge Banners.
  • Become the main sponsor for the Space Force Celebration and Award Dinner Celebration
    drone light show, celebrity bar sponsor, and special guests!
    -Partner introductions and Live Stage recognition.
    -VIP head table.
    -Speaking Opportunity and Live Stage Recognition.
    -VIP Seating for up to 10 people. Up to 10 invitations to VIP receptions.
    -Signage both electronically and printed at the dinner event.
    -A representative from your company on stage to welcome and co-host the dinner event.
  • Sponsor Spacepower's Collaboration Zone. The highest foot traffic and creative relaxed zone
    where fire side and thought leader chats will take place at the end of the day and teams will use to
    relax and meet during the day.
    Sponsorship may include:
    -Company logo and branding throughout fireside room.
    -Speaking Opportunity.
    -Reserved VIP seating for you and your team.
    -4 tickets for your guests.
  • Support small business and startups by sponsoring the Incubator Hall. This is an area where affordable booths and STEM and educational activities will take place.
    Sponsorship may include:
    -Press and special thanks for supporting this ecosystem.
    -Invite to the Press Room.
    -Inclusion in our Press, Marketing and Media.
    Fireside speaking opportunity.
  • Sponsoring The Investor Pitch Competition is a unique opportunity to gain early access in identifying and engaging with vetted innovative technology being looked at by other Primes and considered for government contracts. This sponsorship aligns your brand with the ecosystem, enhances networking opportunities, and positions you as key players in shaping the future. Sponsorships include some or all of the following:
    -Booth in WF2
    -Access to other private competitions
    -Private meeting room bookings
    -Tickets for the conference
    -Pitch and other networking events
    -Opportunities to judge
  • Taking place during the conference is a rare opportunity to meet directly with DOD and
    GOV leadership and C-suite top Aerospace and Technology Private Industry decision
    -Pre Lunch Private Reception.
    -Introductions to Leadership.
    -Speaking Opportunity.
    -VIP Head Table.
    -Branding throughout the lunch
  • Benefits of a Media Wall Sponsorship:
    -Maximize Brand Exposure to a wide audience of media and attendees.
    -Your brand becomes a memorable part of event photos and media coverage.
    -Direct media attention with the polished backdrop for interviews and photography.
    -Highlight Partnerships with event organisers or other sponsors on the media wall.
    -Drive Social Media Buzz: increasing your brand's online visibility via social media.
    -Amplify product launches, or campaign theme using media wall canvas.
    -Networking Opportunities: Engage with media professionals directly.
    -Brand Association with high-profile VIP attendee interactions.
    -Coverage featuring your sponsored media wall can continue to circulate post-event.
  • Mingle and grab a post day drink with Government Leadership, Policymakers, International Delegates Commercial Civil Industry Sponsorships may include:
    -10X10 Booth.
    -Branding at the Event and on Floor Plan and Agenda.
    -Pre Conference Marketing and Press.
    -Access to the VIP Reception.
    -4 tickets to the conference for you and your guests.
  • Sponsor a panel discussion led by one of our highly sought-after speakers:
    Name and/or logo in the online stream and on screen alongside the program description of the panel.
    Exclusive introductions for networking.
    Reserved premium seating for you and your guests plus 5 tickets to the conference.
    Your company representative will join the moderator to introduce the participants or speaker.
    Ability to place promotional materials on chairs or have a table in the room.
    2 Invitations to VIP Reception for dignitaries and speakers.
    Recognition as a sponsor on signage.
    Four tickets to the Space Force Celebration Dinner.
  • Make a lasting impact on media engagement, brand recognition, and event success.
    Sponsorship includes:
    -Enhanced Brand Visibility in high-traffic area among media attendees.
    -Showcase to industry by engaging directly with journalists and sharing your insights.
    -Connect with media representatives for coverage of your company's initiatives.
    -Exclusive Exposure in the Press Room ensures brand spotlight.
    -Align your brand with professionalism and communication.
    -Media Engagement, both on-site and in post-event coverage.
    -Customizable Engagement to tailoring a unique experience for media professionals.
    -Showcase Innovations of products, services, or innovations to a targeted audience.
  • Investor Speed Dating will have a session for each different group throughout the
    conference where small business will get a chance to meet with VC'S and traditional
    investors as well as meet with Primes and PEO's These will be 10-15 minute timed sessions
    to foster networking, relationship building and investment partnerships.

    Ideal Sponsors: Institional investment, hedge funds, funds, banks, or large VCs.
  • Prime Time is a breakout session that brings together PEO's, Primes, policymakers and
    many of the government supported program heads from accelerators, SBIR and other
    important leaders in this important ecosystem supporting innovation and security
    advancement programs. Their forum discussion will be followed by Hyper Speed session
    focused on bringing Primes and Small business innovators together,

    Ideal sponsors: One of the primes, or a funding program in support of small business.
  • Space Tank is aligning with industry Incubators and accelerators in the space giving a small handful of
    vetted and selected companies the opportunity to submit, receive mentorship and prepare their out of this world pitch. By aligning your sponsorship with ‘Space Tank’ your team can actively participate in shaping the future of space exploration, satellite technology, and related emerging industries.

    Ideal sponsors: Venture Capital, Angel, Incubator Accelerators, Funds, or professionals
  • Space Force Association Spacepower Conference is proud to announce The First SSC-ION
    Project. Supporting front door initiatives and in support of tracking and fostering innovative
    technology. Attendees will get the chance to submit technology before the end of October for
    review to qualify for a chance at a high level competition and chance to leave with funding
    awarded. Reach out to us to find out more about getting involved.

    Ideal sponsor: One of the primes, or a funding program in support of small business.
  • Charging Stations and Networking Area. Capture and add value to your target customer with value while they recharge.
  • The SFA Competitions Day will bring together Space Force Guardians, policymakers,
    industry, private sector and cutting edge technology and talent for an interactive
    engaging series of competitions. This will include hackathons, esports, immersive training, data jam, drone racing, Dome technology and US Space Force.
    Sponsorship includes:
    -Signage at the arena identifying your company as the Gaming Sponsor.
    -Event Signage identifying your company as one of our event sponsors.
    -Pre-event inclusion on gaming promotional materials.
    -Branded swag and snacks for players.
    -Inclusion in program Speakers, Players, Games and Sponsored technologies.
    -Premium Listing on Program.
    -2 invitations to the VIP Reception for speakers and industry leaders.
    -4 tickets to Space Force Celebration Dinner & 4 tickets to the Expo.
    -Ability to distribute information or have a table in the Esports Arena.
  • This opportunity is only available to approved partners and experts in the subject matters
    aligned with the missions and content of the agenda. This allows certain sponsors the
    opportunity to have a 5-10 minute speaking opportunity. Take part in an aligned subject
    panel, show a video from the main stage at fireside on certain times during conference.
    Sponsorship may include:

    - Keynote, panel participation or video display from Main Stage, Breakout or Fireside.
    -Time or take over of certain Breakout Rooms.
    Reserved premium seating for you and your guests plus 5 tickets to the conference.
    -2 Invitations to VIP Reception for dignitaries and speakers or tickets to VIP Events.
    -Inclusion in pre- and post-press and marketing. -Invitation to Media Press Events.


The Spacepower Conference offers a unique opportunity for brands & companies to connect with Space Industry decision makers, we offer a number of packages, including:

  • Keynote Sponsorship
  • Charging Station Sponsorship
  • Floor Map & Agenda Sponsorship
  • Custom Packages