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USSF Units Booklet

This booklet details each USSF unit, who they are subordinate to, their mission description, and their patch.

Note: Updated October 2022

Guardian Support Program

Modeled after the United States Air Force Academy’s Cadet Sponsor program and Tinker’s Home Away from Home program, the STARCOM Guardian Support Program aims to build connectedness with Guardians by taking a holistic approach focused on quality of life.

Through the pilot program, local community members volunteer to be “supporters” for an assigned Guardian. Each supporter will attend an hour-long in-person or virtual training session where they will be briefed by the chaplain’s office, Military and Family Life Consultants, and a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response representative. During this training, the GSP pilot team will also review the supporter’s guidebook and answer any questions they may have. 

After completing the required training, GSP supporters commit to hosting a Guardian and provide a safe and welcoming environment with opportunities for homecooked meals and inclusion in events and activities throughout the year.

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