Semper Supra

Semper Supra, a SFA monthly publication, focuses on educating the public about the United States Space Force (USSF)
and the Space Force Association (SFA), ensuring that military and civilian leaders have the knowledge needed for critical decision-making, while providing information on programs and policies that affect military and industry leaders.


  • SFA Updates
  • Professional Topics Exploring Strategy, Operations, & Education
  • Opinion Pieces From SFA Members
  • Information on Industry Initiatives
  • Historical Perspectives That Shape Today's Space Force

Download the Semper Supra info. sheet.

Submit An Op-Ed To Semper Supra

Members can upload their article to the Semper Supra Members Forum.

Op-ed Content Submission Timeline

Op-ed content is due by the 1st of each month, for the upcoming month. (ex. July 1 is the deadline to provide content for the August issue).

Op-ed Content Requirements

  • Op-ed articles can only be submitted by SFA members.
  • Op-ed articles are limited to 800 words or less.
  • Op-ed articles must include or offer guidance on suggested photo to use with article
  • Op-ed articles will be reviewed by SFA leadership for approval prior to publication.
  • All finished op-eds (no drafts) must include a short note containing your name, address, day, phone number and credentials-i.e. your qualifications to write on the particular subject. You must have some expertise in the field, or in the case of an essay, some direct personal experience.

Op-ed Content Suggestions

  • Insightful commentary and opinion on the current issues USSF faces.
  • Well-reasoned, expert analysis.

Semper Supra Sponsorship & Advertising

Corporate Member Semper Supra Sponsorship Bundle:

  • $3,500/issue
    • One full-page ad
    • Corporate Member Spotlight page (full-page)
        • 250 word count copy provided by corporate member
        • photo and/or logo placement

Advertise in an upcoming issue of Semper Supra. For more information contact SFA Marketing at

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