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The National Spacepower Center (NSC) seeks to guide a community of space professionals in the pursuit of knowledge of the space domain.  Focusing in the areas of science, technology, policy and strategy which contribute to the Nation’s space domain capabilities. The NSC intends to contribute to discovery and understanding of the opportunities for the Nation to contribute to human space endeavors and the implications of commercial, civil, military, education and private enterprises seeking to explore and pursue those opportunities. The NSC provides lean and agile connections and cooperation across space domain relevant education and research professional organizations and academic institutions.

The main objectives of the NSC are to:

1.      Provide forums for sharing ideas and research relevant to the space domain and the Nation’s activities and objectives within the space domain.
2.       Develop space professional development programs for the US Space Force, industry, and academia.
3.      Develop funding opportunities to support space domain relevant education and research.

2022 Future Space Professionals Scholarship Fund

Applications are open!

The Space Force Association is a non-profit 501c(3) organization created to provide an intellectual space for discussion and debate relevant to the US Space Force and to give a voice to space professionals to contribute their ideas, opinions, and research on the pursuit of spacepower. The Future Space Professionals Scholarship Fund seeks to provide tuition funding to undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics students in their junior or senior year. The purpose of the Future Space Professionals Scholarship is to encourage students with diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences to continue to pursue STEM education as a foundation for future service as a space professional in industry, government, or the US Space Force. The SFA values the strengths inherent in the community of space professionals when the community includes a spectrum of diversity founded on the common foundation of a STEM education. The SFA will consider all qualified applicants for scholarship award. Required applicant qualifications:

1. Full or part-time enrollment in an accredited university.

2. Enrolled in a STEM degree program.

3. Be within 24-months of their projected graduation date.

4. Maintain a GPA of 3.4 or higher.

5. The intent to enter the community of space professionals upon graduation.

The community of space professionals includes those working in STEM fields relevant to the pursuit of spacepower in industry, the US Government, private space ventures, or the US Space Force.

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